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We have collected for you a selection of the best goal setting eBooks available on the internet.

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Do I Really Need a Life Coach?


Do I Really Need a Life Coach?
By Winsome Coutts

Life Coaching: Fad or Fabulous?

Life coaching has burst onto the scene, popping up everywhere. But is its sudden popularity due to a fad or is it because of authentic, real results?

If you are exploring the option of hiring a life coach-for a personal or business issues-you MUST read Do I Really Need a Life Coach? first. This expansive ebook points the way to a successful life coaching experience and steers you away from the potential pitfalls.

By reading Do I Really Need a Life Coach? you will have an extensive knowledge of:

* What a life coach actually does
* What to ask a life coach when shopping around
* How to find a qualified life coach
* How to set the time, frequency and modality for your coaching sessions
* Whether self-coaching is the best option for you
* Other coaching resources such as books, audio tapes and web-based resources

A life coach can be the perfect catalyst for change and growth. Or it can be a step backwards. Don't risk your time or money on unfruitful life coaching. Instead invest $19.95 in choosing the ideal life coach for you-guaranteed.

Go for Your Goals - Goal Setting for Kids (Set of 3 Ebooks)


Go for Your Goals - Goal Setting for Kids (Set of 3 Ebooks)
By Winsome Coutts

Do You Know What Major Life Skill is
NOT Taught in School?

Your child will learn how to read, write and do arithmetic in school. They will also learn to sing, exercise, create art and use the computer. They learn history, math, languages, social sciences and even sports. But the one life skill they NEED to create success in their personal and professional life will never be taught.

How to Reach Your Goals-The Missing Subject

Were you ever taught how to reach your goals? Were you trained to use practical goal setting tools? The answer is often "No." And if you were taught goal setting techniques, it was NOT in school. A wise parent or adult would have helped you understand how to create goals, how to challenge yourself and how to succeed.

How To Set Your Goals Successfully


How To Set Your Goals Successfully
By Ran Aroussi

This 68-page step-by-step guide to setting and achieving goals is essential for anyone who wants more out of life than they ever dreamed possible.

Who MUST read this book? Anyone who desires more out of life knows they are meant for greatness but lack the plan to make it happen, as well as those who yearn to be truly successful.

No Success with LOA, PMA & Goal Setting? - Your Head Paint's Wrong!


No Success with LOA, PMA & Goal Setting? - Your Head Paint's Wrong!
By Randy Smith

Discover A New Path To Success With The Law of Attraction, Positive Mental Attitude & Goal Setting.

Here is an ebook that will finally take away any lack of understanding on all 3 subjects.

After reading about HeadPaint,

* You will look forward with a 'Positive Mental Attitude'.

* You'll feel you can finally come to terms with and apply 'The Law of Attraction'.

* And you'll be writing out and getting involved in real 'Goal Setting' with a new found passion to move forward.

Purpose ? Vision - Goals


Purpose ? Vision - Goals
By Bob Proctor

?Purpose, Vision, Goals? helps you find the answers to these questions .?. How can I figure out my purpose? What the heck is my vision? How do I choose which goals?

Have you been puzzling over how you find your purpose? What the heck is it? What about your vision? That is an even harder one. Do you even know where to start? Then what about goals, what exactly should you choose, where do they fit in here?

S.M.A.R.T Goals


S.M.A.R.T Goals
By Harry Fink

Are you tired of making New Year's resolutions that fail after only the first week in January? Resolutions have a flaw built into them, if you think about it, a Resolution is the decision to take action, where a Goal is a purposeful action to accomplish the objective.

Smart Goals will:

* Show you the number one cause for people failing to meet goals
* Explain to you the five criteria to make a goal that works
* Allow you to create goals that guarantee success
* Tell you the most important thing that only 6% of people do to succeed
* Give you step-by-step directions to make rock solid goals