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The Secret and the Law of Attraction

By Winsome Coutts

The Secret movieThe ‘secret’ law of attraction was introduced to many people for the first time in the phenomenal hit movie "The Secret". However, The Secret DVD does not go far enough to explain how the Law of Attraction really works. There seem to be a few misconceptions about the law of Attraction.

If you saw The Secret, you may have come across the Law of Attraction for the first time. Perhaps it resonated with you, and you realized that at times you are getting things you want, and sometimes getting things you don’t want – and that even perhaps your own actions (thoughts) may have played a part in all this. Perhaps you are responsible. It’s not Fate!

Simply stated the Law of Attraction is whatever you think about and focus on, becomes your reality – it is what you get. However it seems that many people sort of skip over the references to actually going into action to get what they want. You don’t just sit on the couch chanting ‘Ohm’ and think positive thoughts of what you desire. Positive thinking is not enough.

There are many subtle nuances to working with the Law of Attraction that are not spelt out in The Secret. This doesn’t make the information any less important, but you need to be aware that it does take work, it does take effort, and the more you practice then the more you will start to make significant progress as you go along. It can take years of personal development and self-mastery to master the Law of Attraction to an optimum level of success. But once you start to work with these principles you may find many miraculous things happening.

Some More Distinctions

You need to take a good look at the sabotaging thoughts you have. Your private language will affect your outcomes. Listening to what you say, and to the ‘little voice’ in your head, can really help.

  • First, what you say:- for example, if your goal is to get out of debt, then the more you talk about and think about the ‘debt’, then the more you will attract it. Your subconscious mind only hears the word debt – and hey presto – you will get it. It takes a bit of effort at first to rephrase your desire. Perhaps you could say I will have plenty of money to pay all my bills.
  • Second, that ‘little voice’ in your head. It’s chattering away all the time, and if you let it, it may well be sabotaging you too. ‘Listen’ to what you are saying in your head, and when you hear something you don’t agree with STOP right then and rephrase it in you mind.

Those negative thoughts and negative words often unintentionally manifest exactly what we don’t want – including financial problems, relationship troubles, depression and loneliness, even illness. You can’t just wish away negative thoughts but you can gradually become aware of them. Once you realize that you have control over what you think, and start to use your brain to direct your thoughts, you immediately take control; you are immediately starting to move forward in the direction you say you want. You, and only you, are 100% responsible for the energy you put out – for the vibrations you are sending to the Universe.

However, it has been said that the most difficult thing for a human to do – is to think. Actually think! And yet it is thinking that will move you forward. Think about it.

What are your values? You need also to think about what your true values are. If what you want is not aligned with your core values, then you will self-sabotage each time and not reach your goal. Let me give an example. Lets say your values (after the basic needs for water, food and shelter) are family first, then supporting the environment, then traveling, next sailing your boat, then community service, then last, being very wealthy – then if one of your goals is make a million dollars, you will find that all the other values get satisfied first and you will subtly sabotage that goal. So your goals must be aligned with your values for the Law of Attraction to work with you.

Your Emotions Play a Part

Your emotions are a guide to what you will get. When you are feeling negative emotions – you could name lots of them, anger, fear sadness etc; this indicates that what you are thinking about is not what you want, and that is a signal to do something about it. When you are aware of positive emotions, then do more of what you are doing, that will lead you forward.

So be aware of what you are thinking and saying, plan goals that are in line with your true values, tap in to your emotions right now, and then pursue your goal with passion and massive action and you will undoubtedly find the Law of Attraction brings miraculous things to you.

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