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Goal Setting Teachers

Personal Goal Setting for Men

By Winsome Coutts

Goal Setting is incredibly important for getting ahead in life. If you want to achieve your dreams and live life your way, you must learn the skill of goal setting so that it becomes a basic part of your daily life. For men, it’s sometimes difficult to take the time to sit and consider goals, much less come up with plans of action. But without goals, you will work aimlessly towards ill-defined achievements. Goal setting gives you a powerful means to think about your future, plan for your future and see your dreams come to fruition. You will build self-confidence as you see how goal-setting spurs forward progress and opens your life to better and better results. And you can use goal setting for anything from your career, to your family life, to education, your spiritual life and beyond

How do I begin my goal-setting program?

Your first step is to set clearly defined goals, so you can see exactly where you want to go, and how you need to get there. Ask yourself what’s important in your life, really important to you. Where do you feel there is a need for improvement or advancement? What are your dreams? In the answers to these questions, you will find goals.

Start by setting large-scale goals. They should be specific and worded in a positive form. All goals, whether large or small should be formed in this way: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

• Specific – Your goal setting must be specific, as in "I will increase my income by 20% in the coming fiscal year" vs. "I will increase my income". Being too vague leads to unwanted outcomes or no outcome at all.
• Measurable – 20% is measurable. And you will be able to measure the steps, or mini-goals you must meet in order to reach the final goal.
• Attainable - You are capable of far more than you probably give yourself credit for. Make sure your attainable goals still offer you a challenge – otherwise you’re just doing the same things you’ve always done. In order to achieve more, you must learn and grow more. A goal of increasing your yearly income by 20% is attainable, but may take a bit of work and creativity.
• Relevant – The goal has to mean something to you and be a part of your overall efforts to continue to improve your life.
• Time-bound – without the boundaries of time, neither you, nor the Universe is going to respond to your goal setting.

Once you have established your large-scale goal(s), you can break it down into smaller goals or mini-goals so that you have a path to follow to success. Your mini-goals should be structured in the same way that your large-scale goals are. Mini-goals are used as path markers to guide you through the achievement process. Ask yourself what steps must be taken to get to the final goal – that will give you your mini-goals.

How do I keep myself motivated to reach my goals? One of the great things about goal setting is that you have a built in motivation mechanism when you set mini-goals. They let you see how you’re doing, and as you reach them, you feel encouraged. Aside from the smaller path-marking goals, motivation can come from a number of sources and you should tap into more than one.

• Write it down. Write it where you can see it. Keep a journal to track how you’re doing.
• Be accountable to someone – a trusted friend, your counselor, coach or mentor, or your Higher Power
• Use visualization, guided imagery, success quotes or even hypnosis to help keep your motivation levels high.
• Use failure as a tool. If you have a set back, give yourself a small period of time to feel bad, and then figure out what went wrong and adjust your plan so that it won’t happen again. Keep adjusting and be flexible until you find ways that work. Goal setting is possibly the most important tool you will use as you work towards success in any aspect of your life. Goal setting gives you a path to follow, and a way to check your progress. As you use this tool for even your day-to-day tasks, you will notice that projects are completed more seamlessly and that you are able to achieve more in all areas. Remember, men using goal setting surge ahead of the pack.

A Digital Vision Board Can Be a Great Tool to Use

Digital Vision BoardThis digital Vision Board is a powerful tool that visualizes your dreams and keeps you inspired to achieve your goals. Include your own dream images, empowering affirmations and power words displaying the future you intend to manifest.

Apply the Law of Attraction and make your dream life come true now!


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