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Nurture Your Relationships - 6 Ways

By Winsome Coutts

Six simple suggestions to improve any relationship (romantic or otherwise). If you want to become more intimate, enjoy closer friendships and feel happier with your family, friends, your special partner and even those you work with, then take some action to nurture those special relationships

• Relationship Nurturing Tip 1 – Appreciation and Thank You We all love to be appreciated – and when we are told how well we have done we feel nurtured and appreciated. You can’t overdo appreciation – unless it is not sincere. You must notice what those special people in your life do and let them know how much you appreciate them for it. Saying those two little words can have a magical affect. Thank you

• Relationship Nurturing Tip 2 – Listen, Listen, Listen Get it? Close your mouth and listen. Really listen. You may be surprised at hidden messages you will hear if you are not busy thinking of the next thing you want to say. You know you like it when others are interested in you; take a sincere interest in them, find out about what they are really thinking about, and learn something new about them. This action helps to make people feel understood.

• Relationship Nurturing Tip 3 – Have Fun Think of ways to have fun together. Ways you know that they will enjoy. It may be just a joke at the office, a game with your child or a laugh over a funny movie with your lover. When someone obviously enjoys being with you – you feel nurtured don’t you? Have fun with your special people. Bonus – you will have fun yourself.

• Relationship Nurturing Tip 4 – Do the Small Things They Love What is it that they like? Maybe it’s a walk in the park, an unexpected box of chocolates or flowers, tickets to the ball game, a surprise phone call for no reason or a neck massage. Find out, or try these things anyway. They may not necessarily be something that you would like, but do it anyway; it will make them feel special.

• Relationship Nurturing Tip 5 – Acknowledgement and Praise Notice the good things about them and praise them for it. Little things and big things. We all love to have our strengths noticed. When you notice something they have done well – tell them, and tell them how good it makes you feel.

• Relationship Nurturing Tip 6 - Admiration and Appreciation You do admire and appreciate your special people – otherwise they would not be in your life, would they? Think of all the things you admire and appreciate about them – and let them know. In fact when you focus on how you admire and appreciate your loved ones, you will get more of it yourself. So don’t wait, tell them today. Every week, every day, practice these tips with the special people in your life, and watch your relationships blossom and become closer and more rewarding.

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