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Can the Law of Attraction Cause Both Good and Bad?

By Winsome Coutts

The Universe is eager to give us just what we ask for - through the Law of Attraction, so be careful what you ask for

The Law of Attraction is exactly what it sounds like – we attract circumstances, people and situations into our lives. Once we get a grasp on that reality, we can learn to use this law for better outcomes. But is it true that the Law of Attraction can bring about bad outcomes? Let’s explore how the law of attraction works and get some answers.

What is the Law of Attraction Anyway?

If you are reading this, you’re probably already somewhat familiar with this Universal Law, but it’s important to review what it’s about. The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that we attract to us those things we invest the most energy in, usually by thinking or talking about them. The way in which the Universe works is to affirm what we tell it. So if I constantly say to myself, “I have so many bills and not enough money.” All the Universe can do is affirm that. If I change my tune and say “I am blessed with abundance” over and over, the Universe will affirm that. Either way, whatever is affirmed is what we get more of. That leads to the next question, which is:

Can the Law of Attraction Cause Bad Things?

That’s tricky. The Law of Attraction says that the Universe simply affirms and gives us what we think about, talk about and obsess about the most. Technically The Law of Attraction does not cause bad things. However, the Universe doesn’t judge what is good or bad. The Universe reflects back to us what we are thinking and saying.

But what about war and disease and famine and all of those horrid things that we really truly want to see an end to? Why do they still happen? Why do people, children get sick and suffer? That’s a hard question to answer, because no matter how abundant life is, we sometimes do suffer, and we see innocent people suffering whenever we turn on the news. One way to see this is as the Universe responding to the global human energy, which unfortunately may be a bit toxic. Another way to view bad things and respond to them is to understand that the Universe has no concept of good and bad. Only what is. So when disease strikes, it’s not necessarily because you’ve been obsessing about that particular disease, it might simply be because you were born with a genetic predisposition to a certain disease, and it’s reared it’s ugly head. Or maybe you’ve done something that creates a way for a disease to take hold, like smoking or not controlling diabetes. So, this is a difficult conundrum to try to understand why we see or experience ourselves, real suffering. The real question here is what do we do when we find out that we are sick, or see someone else suffering or hear of famine half the globe away?

How Does the Law of Attraction Help Me Avoid Bad Things?

As a Universal Natural Law, the Law of Attraction can help you in two ways. First, when you learn to use it correctly, it can help you create a better, happier, healthier and more abundant life starting with this moment. Each new moment is an opportunity to draw positive or negative into our lives via our thoughts. Second, if something bad does happen, you can use the Law of Attraction to respond in a positive way, thus helping to quickly correct what you are seeing as bad. We can heal ourselves faster, and help to change the whole world this way. Remember, thoughts are things and thoughts carry energy. Energy doesn’t end - it only changes form. Therefore, when we use positive energy to fuel our thoughts, we will get positive in return. This works for bringing goodness into our lives and for getting things back on track if things go wrong. Attitude is everything. If we find something terrible has happened, we can either let it ruin us, or view it as an opportunity for mental, spiritual or physical growth. In this way the Law of Attraction can be used to help us through both the ups and downs of life, and to have more ups.

The Universe is willing to supply us with what we tell it we want, and the way we do that is through our thoughts and words. In this way, we draw to us both good and bad experiences. Take time to be mindful of your thoughts and words every day. As you do, you will begin to attract all the good things you can imagine.

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