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A nifty and effective way of getting your ideas and dreams nailed down on paper.
The SMART way to work is to take each of these letters, and work your way through defining and understanding your goal.
When you have all of these in place, you're ready to move ahead. This is the simplest of tutorials for creating SMART goals. Make use of the sample smart goal template - you can create your own smart short term goal worksheet, or long term.
This process can be applied to any goal in any area of your life.

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A short tutorial for creating a SMART Goal?

A goal needs to be well thought out - not just a dream or a hope. It needs to be:


Specific - A specific goal has a much greater chance of being achieved, it must be well defined. Can you answer these six "W" questions about your goal?
Who: Who is involved in this goal?
What: What do I want to achieve?
Where: Identify the place.
Which: Identify any requirements and constraints.
When: Set up a time frame.
Why: Why do you want to achieve the goal - give reasons and benefits for your goal?

A general goal would be, "Lose weight." But a specific goal would say, "Lose 20 pounds by Christmas in three months time."

Measurable - create specific criteria for measuring each step along the way towards the attainment of the goal, quantify your progress.

To decide if your goal is measurable, ask yourself......How much?
How many?
How will I know when it is reached?

Achievable - Is your goal a challenge but still possible for you to achieve?
When you are choosing your goals you begin to think of ways to make them happen.
You start to develop the attitudes, capabilities, skill, and financial capacity required. Ideas come to you to support you to get your goal.
The best goals require you to stretch a bit to achieve them but not be impossible to achieve.

Relevant/ Realistic - Your goal needs to be relevant to your life's purpose, and in line with your beliefs and values, and realistic and possible for you.

Timely - A goal should have a time frame.
With no time frame it's open ended, you need to set a specific time or date to start and to complete the goal.

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An Example of a SMART Goal

To explain this concept to you, you might find it helpful to have a specific goal to help you understand. Here is a goal set by Bonnie:
My goal is to lose 20 pounds by Christmas in three months time (13 weeks)

Now, let's take the letters S-M-A-R-T, and apply them to Bonnie's goal.

Is the plan Specific? Yes, the goal in this example is to lose 20 pounds in weight by Christmas.

Is the plan Measurable? Yes, the weight loss will be measured in pounds during the course of the weight loss process.

Is the plan Achievable to Bonnie? Yes, losing 20 pounds in 13 weeks is achievable as it works out at under 2 pounds per week.

Is the plan Relevant/ Realistic? Yes, she has put checkpoints in place to review her progress and has included provision for support from other people such as friends to walk with her, a personal trainer at the gym, her doctor and her family. She can certainly do this.

Is the plan Time-bound? Yes the goal has been set for completion in 13 weeks time and the tasks listed all fit within that 13-week time line.

Now that's S.M.A.R.T.!

Here are some Sample SMART Goal Templates

Choose your style and print off these to use for as many goals as you wish.

SMART Goals - an elegant system for setting your goals and achieving your dreams.

Software-Based Goal-Setting System

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