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Diet and Fitness Goal Setting

By Winsome Coutts

People say that it’s difficult to lose weight and get in shape. They say that eating a healthy diet is hard to do. That’s not necessarily true. Even though many of us have tried and failed, only to decide that it is too hard, or that we’re failures. It’s time to get a perspective change where diet and fitness are concerned. With proper diet and fitness goal setting, and a good dose of motivation, you can lose weight and get in shape. Yes, you!

The problem with dieting and exercise

Weight Loss Program - Anthony Robbins The problem with “dieting and exercising” is that right from the start, we make it sound like drudgery and punishment. Why? If you are setting out on a program of healthy, sound eating habit and fun, body rejuvenating exercise, you can be happy, excited and looking forward to the fun of seeing your entire body, and even your mental attitude take a new and better shape! One of the best ways to get that mental perspective change going is by positive, realistic and productive diet and fitness goal setting. Let’s learn how!

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Diet and fitness goal setting for real, healthy, happy people

Forget about the muscle bound men you see on TV, and forget about the women with legs that are longer than you are tall. Quit with the comparisons. That’s not to say you won’t ever look like them (but face it ladies, if you are 5’2” and you want long legs, you’re setting yourself up for a let-down). First of all, get a good, no, a great picture of YOU in your mind’s eye – how do you envision yourself when you’re in great shape? Ah, that’s better. Now, with that person in mind, let’s set some goals!

What do you want to achieve? Do you simply want to be healthier and to extend your life? Do you want to wear the same size you wore when you were 18? Do you want to feel like you look sexy and slim, or do you want to look like a body-builder? You must be very specific in how you want to look and feel (and remember, we have to use reason). For example: I want to lose 20 pounds, gain significant muscle mass in my upper body (excellent definition and strong looking arms, chest and back), and make health gains in the process (lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol). That is specific enough to continue with my diet and fitness goal setting.

How will I achieve this? By setting goals! My goals would probably look something like this:

  • Join the gym downtown and hire a trainer for 3 full sessions to get a really good exercise program set up (heavy on upper body, but making sure I get a good balanced program). Work out three times per week on alternating days.
  • Visit a nutritionist to work on a healthy diet plan. When the diet plan has been established, purchase a couple really good healthy eating cookbooks that will teach me how to cook excellent meals using healthy, low-fat ingredients. Have fun trying out the new recipes. Or, take a healthy cooking class. Concentrate on foods that are heart-healthy.
  • Start a food and exercise journal for self-accountability. Talk to a trusted, non-judgmental friend, coach or mentor on a regular basis for added accountability.
  • Practice inspirational and motivational techniques regularly (visualization, affirmations, success quotes, etc.)
  • Celebrate successes as they come along!
  • Remember that there is no such thing as failure – just opportunities for growth and learning. If something isn’t working, I can always review and revamp my plan until I find one that does.

Now, none of the above looks like drudgery, does it? What it looks like is a good, positive plan for good positive outcomes. You can have fun with change! Yes, it’s scary sometimes, and yes, we’re all in a hurry for results. You know what? Get over it! Your diet and fitness goal setting plan will work for you if you are specific, flexible and motivated enough. If it doesn’t work, don’t give up! Find another way! Now get moving! I cant wait to hear about your Diet and Fitness Goal Setting success.

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