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Awareness is the Key to Everything

By Bill Harris

It's been a while since I've written about Holosync, so I'd like to share a few things with you about what Holosync does and why it's so important.

Holosync is a way to create deep meditation easily, precisely, and consistently. It helps you bypass years of learning how to meditate, during which time your mental, emotional, and spiritual progress is generally very slow. When people use Holosync, they begin to see results right away. They notice that what bothered them begins to lose its hold over them. They begin to develop the ability to be the observer--what many traditions call the witness of what they are creating in their life.

Though there are many benefits to Holosync's lessening of dysfunctional feelings and behaviors, a higher threshold for stress, a clearer mind, increased feelings of connection to other people, a greater sense of well-being, and many others, the basis of all the changes people experience flows from an increased self-awareness.

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As I have written many times, nearly all people create their reality unconsciously and automatically. Most people, in fact, don't even acknowledge that they are creating their internal and external experience of life, because from an unconscious and unaware perspective, it does seem as if what you feel and what happens to you is a result of your external experiences and situation.

If you create your reality unconsciously, you may get what you want part of the time. However, quite often you will get what you don't want, and if you experienced an abusive childhood you may get what you don't want most of the time. My contention, however, is that anyone, no matter what their past or present circumstances, can learn to create what they want most, if not all, of the time.

To do this, you must be able to watch yourself create what you experience inside and what happens to you outside. You must have the conscious awareness to watch the internal processes by which you create your life, from the first impulse to the final outcome. Most people cannot do this. Instead, their mind and various creations of their mind grab their attention and keep them from seeing how they are creating whatever happens to them.

Awareness is the key to everything you want in life, and meditation creates the necessary self-awareness. Luckily for us, Holosync creates this awareness ten or twenty times faster than traditional meditation. And, as this awareness grows, you gain an increasingly subtle knowledge of what you are doing with what comes in through your senses (in other words, what you experience) to create how you feel and what outcomes you create. As this happens, it becomes increasingly difficult to create internal states or external results that do not serve you. You can create unhappiness for yourself for an entire lifetime if you continue to do your creating unconsciously, but you cannot keep doing this once you become aware of and can watch this process.

This is the real value of Holosync-it's ability to develop this awareness in you. This is the same awareness that Zen meditators, for instance, spend 20-40 years cultivating. With Holosync, you can master your ability to manifest what you want (and stop manifesting on autopilot) within a few short years.

In this process, you will become aware of all kinds of internal processes, beliefs, values, strategies, and ways of seeing yourself and the world-all of which were previously unconscious to you. Some people are dismayed as they become aware of what they have been doing to themselves for so many years. I like to see these discoveries, however, as wonderful revelations that allow us to make new decisions about how to create our lives. And, because some people experience these discoveries in a negative way, we have developed a powerful system for supporting you as you use the program.

A few years ago I began putting together a body of information called the Life Principles Integration Process (taught in my three online courses described above), designed to show you the details of this internal processing system. I do this so that as your awareness grows you will more quickly recognize it and know how to work with it. These courses also create dramatic increases in self-awareness.

Together, these two tools allow you to rid yourself of dysfunctional ways of creating your life and learn to tap into a part of yourself that knows exactly how to create the most resourceful outcome for you in any situation.

Though there are ups and downs in using The Holosync Solution (all of which all self-created), I have never seen a faster or easier way to create good mental health, to get rid of the effects of past trauma, and to open you up to the fact that you really are that One energy of all and everything. If you aren't yet using Holosync, I urge you to get involved. If you are, I urge you to keep going, and to use the support services we provide.

Above all, I urge you, as you become more consciously aware and begin to feel the love and compassion and connection that flows from that awareness, to spread it to all people, everywhere. Whatever you do in life, this will give your life a true significance and will create fulfillment for you.

Be well.

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Centerpointe Founder Bill Harris

Hundreds of thousands of people in over 172 countries have used Holosync to make dramatic improvements in their lives. Click below to find out more.
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