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How to Make a Vision board

By Winsome Coutts

Make A Vision Board

Free online goal vision board instructions and tips - to make your own. One of the best ways to get the Law of Attraction working with you is to make your own Vision Board. This is a wonderful exercise to do with your kids too, or with your partner.

What do you need to create your Vision Board

1. Vision Board Free Pictures
Well, first, if you are artistic – you have ‘free’ pictures at the tip of your pencils. But not many of us are. Here is a story of a girl, a shocking drawer, who made ‘sort of’ stick figures (you could hardly tell they were people) illustrating her dream of trekking in Nepal. She looked at it often, and you guessed it, pretty soon she had her wonderful trip, even though when she first drew her ‘people’ on a photo of the Himalayan Mountains, she had no money, and no idea how she would get there.

A great photo of yourself – you’ll see why in a minute. Choose a photo where you are really happy, and look great.

Then of course, there are endless sources of free pictures for Vision Boards. Magazines of every conceivable kind, your photos, advertisement fliers, the internet – you can print off pictures of absolutely anything.

2. Poster Board
Any stationers or office supplier has a large range of colors and sizes for you to choose from. Green poster card is often recommended to use for Vision Boards – but choose your favourite color if you have one

3. Glue
A glue stick is okay, but perhaps better still is the rubber cement kind of glue. And if you want to get on with it right now and it’s 11.00 at night, then even sticky tape will do in an emergency.

4. Scissors, of course

5. Felt Tip Pens
To write notes on your Vision board – or you can type your special words on the computer, print them out and glue them to the relevant picture

Pause before you start your Vision Board

It is a good idea to just step back for a moment. Sit relaxed, even with some lovely music, and daydream a bit. What do you really want? Not what do you think is possible for you to get. If you could have anything you want – what would it be? Read Jack Canfield’s words: (in The Secret DVD) “Most of us have never allowed ourselves to want what we truly want, because we can’t see how it’s going to manifest.”

“Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. Believe it’s possible for you. And then, close your eyes every day for several minutes and visualise having what you already want and feeling the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you’re grateful for already and really be enjoy it. And then go into your day and release it to the universe and trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest it.”

You know, having a Vision Board of those things you really want is the same as visualizing in your head (or even better). Use Jack’s process daily with your Vision Board to help you.

As you sit and relax, images may come into your head of fantastic things and experiences that you would love. Make your Vision Board about those. These are what you really want.

Let’s get started with your Vision Board

Step 1
Consider the various areas of your life that you would like to have dreams and goals for. These can be:

• your living space/house • relationships • travel • lifestyle – such as clothes, jewels, music/camera equipment, car • education • health and fitness • career

Step 2
Tear from your magazines, brochures, the internet etc, all the pictures that inspire you. Don’t stick them to your Vision Board yet. Even cut out words and phrases that you could use on your Board. Once you have collected a great pile of inspiring pictures, now is the time to move to the next step.

Step 3
Place your personal fantastic photo in the center of your Vision Board. Glue it in place.

Step 4
Sort your pictures and lay your favourites on the Board. You won’t use all of them, so now is the time to discard those that don’t seem as important now that you’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Use your intuition to place your pictures. Consider the topics above; which are most important at this time?

Step 5
Now glue your pictures and words to your board. Some people get quite fanciful and artistic – with paint and glitter. Depends on your personality doesn’t it?

Step 6
Hang your Vision Board in a prominent place, where you will see it many times a day if possible.

Start Creating Your Vision Board Today!

More Vision Board Ideas

One Goal Boards
You can create a Vision Board for a single goal. Perhaps you have a very clear idea of exactly what you want here. Let’s say it is your ‘New xxx Car’ or ‘My New Home in xxx’. Your Vision Board would have all sorts of specific details and pictures about the project. This is a great way to focus strongly on a single goal. You can search for the precise pictures of what you want to create for yourself here.

Event Vision Boards
Vision Boarding is a perfect planning tool for events which you want to happen. One goal could be for travel – ‘My Vacation to the Greek Isles’ or perhaps ‘My House Warming’ or “My 40th Birthday Party’. Just have fun getting all the elements together of the things you really want to take place for these events; glue them to your Vision Board, and enjoy the outcome. Some of your ideas may seem too far-fetched at first, but as you look at them daily, they become more possible, and ideas jump into your head of ways to make them happen. That’s how a Vision Board works.

Open to Opportunity Boards
What if you don’t really know what you want? Perhaps you have been having a ‘down’ time, a bit depressed; perhaps the ending of a relationship has left you feeling a bit ‘lost at sea’. You know you want things to change but don’t know how to do this, and perhaps you have a sort of feeling of what you want. As you are looking through your magazines etc, just clip the pics you like; that just jump out at you. As you cut them, ask yourself – ‘why is this good?’. You may be surprised at the answers your mind gives you back. You will start to develop some clearer desires and goals. Even if you can’t immediately get an answer, if you still love the picture, include it on your Vision Board. It will present some happy visions, and ideas may come to you. Make sure you have that gorgeous photo of yourself smiling from the center of the Board.

Additional Comments on Vision Boards

Dreams and Goals Change
Your dreams and goals aren’t all set in concrete you know. Life changes. After time you may cease to want something that you were once absolutely passionate about getting. Events change things; we see things in different ways. What inspired us twelve months ago may not seem so exciting now. It is a good idea to make a new Vision Board each year. Folks often do this as a New Year project – kind of like New Year’s Resolutions, only with much more intention than the good old resolutions! If you are actually sitting down and doing something about getting your dreams on to paper, they have a much better chance of coming into fruition as you focus on them daily. In fact it is very interesting to look at yourself – through your Vision Board, after a year. You will find that in some areas you are still just as keen to achieve, even more so; others have become less important, or not even on your radar anymore. The exciting thing is to notice where you have reached your goals – or even better. This stuff works.

Write a Vision Book
A Vision Book or a Goal Book can be a useful alternative or adjunct to a Vision Board. If you travel a lot, or perhaps live in shared housing where you don’t want your Vision Board up for all to see, a Vision Book can be the perfect solution. From an Art Supplies Store, purchase a large sketch book, with beautiful paper. It feels like a treasure. Keep the first two pages for an index, then use a double page spread for each goal you want to reach. Over time you can add to your book as goals are achieved or become larger. It is fascinating to look back at your achievements.

The Power of ‘Putting it Out there”

With your Vision Board you area actually sending a message to the Universe of your desires and goals. The more you ‘put it out there’, the stronger your vibrations with the things you want become.

A Digital Vision Board Can Be a Great Tool to Use

Digital Vision BoardThis digital Vision Board is a powerful tool that visualizes your dreams and keeps you inspired to achieve your goals. Include your own dream images, empowering affirmations and power words displaying the future you intend to manifest.

Apply the Law of Attraction and make your dream life come true now!


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