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How Work Motivation Affects Performance

By Winsome Coutts

How Work Motivation Affects Performance

Employers, ignore this information at your peril.
When you realise how work motivation affects performance your entire leadership direction may change.

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How Work Motivation Affects Performance

Because motivation is such an important part of workplace performance, many studies have been conducted to determine just how motivation affects performance in the work place. As you might suspect, the findings are very supportive that motivation indeed has a very sizable effect on performance.

Some of the most important such studies are the so called Hawthorne Experiments which were conducted in the early 1930s at Western Electric Hawthorne Works in Chicago. There, Professor Elton Mayo conducted an experience that looked at the productivity of individual when compared to the conditions that they worked under. In addition to examining the physical conditions such as lighting and temperature, he also looked at psychological factors such as motivation, and it is from here that a lot of the hard facts on the value of motivation come from.

According to Professor Mayo, “individual behaviours may be altered because they know they are being studied.” In other words, the presence of supervision, and in particular supervision with an eye towards recognizing and rewarding quality results, tends to produce those quality results that are desired. When individuals are singled out for study, those individuals tend to feel more involved with their work, and as a result, are more engaged. It’s not surprising, then, that the quality of their output tends to go up as well.

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What exactly does all of this tell us about motivation in the workplace today? Well, it imparts to us the importance of making employees feel engaged for the sake of increasing the motivation with which they approach their work. The findings indicate that, in addition to the better work performance, this produced a wide variety of favourable results across the board such as:

• Increased self-esteem. Those workers who were singled out and recognized tended to have a greater sense of self-esteem and were more willing to take on challenging assignments and succeed at them.

• Better relationships with supervisors. Not surprisingly, if employees feel as if their supervisor is actively engaged in their work, they will tend to trust that supervisor more. This trusting relationship is critical for enabling the employee to be honest and communicative about their needs and troubles, which just creates a more effective workforce overall.

• Sense of participation. Employees who are singled out and recognized tend to feel that their participation in the team is individually and uniquely important. They feel less like a cog in the machine and more like an essential part of the whole that cannot be replaced. The value of this feeling when it comes to motivation should be more than obvious.

Obviously, there are countless reasons why one should pursue the increase of their employee’s motivation. The benefits of a motivated body of employees are vast and widespread, and any employer would do well to foster these feelings in his or her employees. It’s not just for their own sake, but for the well-being of the entire company. There are few things that can affect every aspect of a company from the mentalities of the individual employees all the way to the bottom line of profits like motivation.

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