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Grandchildren are a gift from God

By Winsome Coutts

Those little people ‘presented’ to us by our children are pure pleasure. You just know that your Grandchildren are a gift from God, and sometimes you may even wonder why you are so lucky and privileged to have them in your life. We often hear: ‘My grandkids melt my heart”. Read on …..

Grandchildren are a Gift From God

Grandparents carry photos of their beloved grandkids everywhere and will show them to anyone, while offering up the latest anecdote about what their precious grandchild did yesterday or how she said the word “grandma” for the first time, or where he will be attending college. There is something incredibly special about grandchildren, and we don’t realize it until we have them ourselves. Grandchildren are a gift from God. Yes, all children are, it’s true. Your own babies were and still are, but it’s impossible to deny the special-ness of grandchildren. They evoke a type of love that is specially preserved for and comes from the hearts of grandparents.

Grandparents who might otherwise be dignified and reserved will romp willingly on the floor with their grandkids. They will run around the backyard squealing as their two-year old grandchild plays a game of chase with them. They will jump at the chance to sit with their grandkids and read books for hours. This ability to find joy and comfort in the touch of a little one’s fingers, or even in the act of changing a dirty diaper is incredible. Instinctively, grandparents know that their grandkids are a special and wonderful gift from God.

As a grandmother myself, I know that my own grandchild melts my heart. That tiny giggle, that twinkle in her eye, the way she is just so darned happy to see me! It makes me want to shout for joy and weep all at the same time!

If you’ve not yet been blessed with grandkids, you have something wonderful to look forward to. Everyone says that grandparents are so thrilled with their grandkids because they can give them back to the parents when the little one starts to cry or act up. That might be true, but that’s not what thrills us so and makes us so sure that grandkids are a gift from God. It’s seeing the continuation of a wonderful cycle that started with you, actually before you. It’s seeing your own child that you held so lovingly, holding his or her son or daughter in the same loving fashion. It’s knowing that you will have more chances to mess up the kitchen with cookie decorations and to make paper mache maracas to play with. Small hands to hold and beautiful children to watch grow.

You get a wonderful chance to be a positive and loving influence in this little person’s life. And as he or she grows, you will be a witness to changes and blossoming talents, skills and traits that reflect the love you and your own children have shared with this wonderful grandchild, this gift from God. You have a chance to help in influencing his or her interests, and to teach them some of the things you know about and love, and think are important. What a privilege?

There is no way to deny that for grandparents, grandkids are a special, incredible gift from God. Of all the blessings we could ask for in life, grandkids are among the highest form of blessing and gift. If you have grandkids, take time to reflect on this lovely gift and opportunity for sharing love that you have. If you have yet to receive a grandchild, look forward to it! It’s one of the best things you’ll experience in life!

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