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100 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Vote for your favourite idea and also add your own suggestions.

Tell them what you like.
You know what you like! Vote on the things you love the most. You can also make your own suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Here is a great resource for you with some fun ideas to make your partner happy. Add your suggestions and tell us what worked for you. You can also vote for your favorite.

Note: This works for both guys and girls who are gay or straight or young or old or whatever, after all, who does not like getting a "wink across a crowded room from a partner?"

How does this work?

Vote: for your favorite idea - Tick the box beside your choice the press submit. (You can vote for more than one if you like)

Add: your own suggestion – Got any great ideas? Is there something that you do, or your partner does to you, that you absolutely love? Go to the suggestion box down the bottom to make your own suggestions.

heart in the air “Love talked about is easily turned aside, but love demonstrated is irresistible” - Stan Mooneyham.

“Love is being stupid together.” - Paul Valery

100 Ways to Say "I Love You".
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1. Wink at her across a crowded room (Winsome) (2 Votes)
2. Compliment her in front of other people (Winsome) (2 Votes)
3. Bring her a bunch of flowers or a gorgeous little posy (Winsome) (2 Votes)
4. Leave a message on her phone - Just rang to tell you how much I love you (Winsome) (2 Votes)
5. Give her a foot massage (Winsome) (2 Votes)
6. Hide a note on the sun visor of her car - so that she will find it one day (Winsome) (2 Votes)
7. Send her a note in the mail (Winsome) (1 Votes)
8. Go learn dancing together (Winsome) (1 Votes)
9. Think of five things you really like about her - and tell her (Winsome) (1 Votes)
10. Take her for a walk on the beach (Richie) (1 Votes)
11. Buy her a kitten because she always wanted one (Shadowcore Inc) (1 Votes)
12. Take her to watch a sunrise from a spot with a great view. (Greg) (1 Votes)
13. Prepare a warm bath with soaps, oils, and candles (Shadowcore Inc) (1 Votes)
14. Take me skiing in Europe! (Sally) (1 Votes)
15. Make her a mix cd or just something that YOU made yourself. (Anna) (1 Votes)
16. Call her last thing you do in the day, right before you go t0 sleep. Just to tell her you love her. (Anon.) (1 Votes)
17. kiss her gently from the chest up to her lips then passionately kiss her and tell her she is your world (Bexxa) (1 Votes)
18. Buy her 13 roses: 12 real ones and one plastic, then tell her "I will love you until the last rose dies!" (Adza) (1 Votes)
19. A passionate, but slightly teasing kiss - not one that leaves them completely satisfied, but one that leaves them wanting more. (Dane) (1 Votes)
20. Plan a surprise romantic weekend away, tell her to pack her toothbrush and her bikini. (Jenny) (1 Votes)
21. Pick her up in a limousine for a romantic dinner. (Steve) (1 Votes)
22. Take her camping (make sure she is comfortable and warm) and cook her a dinner to enjoy by the open campfire, under the stars with a nice bottle of red. (Gary L.) (1 Votes)
23. tell her how much you care about her tell her that you are very happy to spend time with her(to be with her) tell her how you feel happy when you see her approach her with a big smile and open arm (Edna) (1 Votes)
24. Just chill and chat with her all night. (Amahle) (1 Votes)
25. Gently rub his/neck and plant a tender kiss on the side of his/her lips with your eyes closed. (which means you deeply feel the gesture) (susan) (1 Votes)
26. Show him/her how much you love them by following through on something you said you would do whether it doing the dishes or putting out the trash. (Annie) (1 Votes)
27. Take his/her hand next time you are out together walking,shopping or sitting in a park,knowing and feeling that you hold eachothers heart. (Annie) (1 Votes)
28. Sing her a song (could be some lines of a song)that fits you both or her every time your with her(1 Votes) (Rodge) (1 Votes)
29. Tell & show her how much you love her...as many times as is possible. (Irvine) (1 Votes)
30. Kiss her passionately. (olea) (1 Votes)
31. Hold her/him tenderly and spend some quiet time with her/him. (Sapphire) (1 Votes)
32. Take her for a romantic weekend in the mountains, by sea (Winsome) (0 Votes)
33. Give her a full body massage. Doesn't matter if you haven't done a course (Winsome) (0 Votes)
34. Make her laugh - you know how (Winsome) (0 Votes)
35. Send her a love letter (Winsome) (0 Votes)
36. Sing a love song to her (Winsome) (0 Votes)
37. Leave post it notes with nice massages all around the house (Lille) (0 Votes)
38. Leave a yellow post-it note on the bathroom mirror (Winsome) (0 Votes)
39. Flirt with her at a party (Winsome) (0 Votes)
40. Light candles all around the house (Winsome) (0 Votes)
41. Play some of her favorite music (Winsome) (0 Votes)
42. Pack a picnic or gorgeous treats that she loves, and go out into the country, or eat it on the rug in front of the fire (Winsome) (0 Votes)
43. Hire her favorite movie, grab a bottle of wine and some oysters, and cuddle on the couch (Winsome) (0 Votes)
44. Pay for a skywriter to write her a message in the sky (Winsome) (0 Votes)
45. Hold her hand as you are walking down the street (Winsome) (0 Votes)
46. Plan and cook a meal together (Winsome) (0 Votes)
47. Ask her for a hug (Winsome) (0 Votes)
48. Look into her eyes and really focus on her to the exclusion of all others when you are talking to her (Winsome) (0 Votes)
49. Hold her head in both hands when you kiss her (Winsome) (0 Votes)
50. Notice when she has done something for you and say how much you appreciate it (Winsome) (0 Votes)
51. Say I love you in Italian - 'Ti amo' (Winsome) (0 Votes)
52. Give her some jewellery (Winsome) (0 Votes)
53. Frame a picture of yourself, or you both together - as a gift for her (Winsome) (0 Votes)
54. Kiss her hand (Winsome) (0 Votes)
55. Praise her skills - in any area of her life (Winsome) (0 Votes)
56. Buy her a CD of love songs (Winsome) (0 Votes)
57. Buy her a basket full of precious gorgeous goodies, tie up with a big red bow (Winsome) (0 Votes)
58. Buy her a long-stemmed rose, beautifully wrapped (Winsome) (0 Votes)
59. Say to her "Do you know how much I love you?" (Winsome) (0 Votes)
60. Bake a pie and write her name with a heart shape on the crust (Winsome) (0 Votes)
61. Get a photo of her printed on a t-shirt - and wear it (Winsome) (0 Votes)
62. Read her a love poem (Winsome) (0 Votes)
63. Dance with her in the living room (Winsome) (0 Votes)
64. Take her on a date - the same date as the first date you had together (Winsome) (0 Votes)
65. Cook her a meal (Winsome) (0 Votes)
66. Chocolates - you know her favorites (Winsome) (0 Votes)
67. Blow a kiss from across the room (Winsome) (0 Votes)
68. Buy her a gift for no reason (Winsome) (0 Votes)
69. Clean her car (Winsome) (0 Votes)
70. Get a tattoo on your arm (Winsome) (0 Votes)
71. Say I love you, first thing when you wake up in the morning (Winsome) (0 Votes)
72. Bring her breakfast in bed (Winsome) (0 Votes)
73. Put up a screen message on her computer (Winsome) (0 Votes)
74. Plan a surprise outing to a concert or movies (Winsome) (0 Votes)
75. Play her favorite song (Winsome) (0 Votes)
76. Write a poem about her and roll it up tied with a red bow (Winsome) (0 Votes)
77. Ask her what she really wants to do together - then do it (Winsome) (0 Votes)
78. Rug up and take a walk in the rain with a big umbrella (Winsome) (0 Votes)
79. Take her skydiving (Richie) (0 Votes)
80. Take her on a cruise (Shadowcore Inc ) (0 Votes)

We need some more ideas so please help us by adding to the list.


Please keep it clean and fun. We have the right to delete any suggestions that are not appropriate